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The consultation is a great option for sellers who wish to stage the property themselves. The investment is $350 for an average-sized home. Walking room-by-room with you, we provide recommendations on specific areas to declutter, repair, rearrange, and improve curb appeal. Within 48 hours we deliver a written report.

Home Staging Quote:

If you wish to engage our services to do the staging work, we will prepare a Home Staging Quote.

At the home visit, we meet with you to see the property inside and out. With permission, we take photos too. We discuss the contents and condition of the property, and review next steps. Within 48 hours, you'll receive our complimentary Home Staging Quote. 

There are typically two parts to a Home Staging Quote:

1.    Home Staging Services Fee
Services include our expertise and time for planning the project, providing detailed room-by-room pre-staging instruction (if necessary), creative selections and direction, staff labor, travel, delivery, and hands-on staging.

2.    Furniture Rental 
We recommend a 2-month minimum on furniture & accessory rentals, as it is important to keep the home staged for key moments throughout the buying process: the open house, inspection, and appraisal. It is critical for buyers to have as positive an impression of the home as the first time they saw it. 

For each project, we take stock of our own inventory of chic furniture and accessories to to assess if they are suitable for the client's house. Not all the items in our inventory may be suitable. It is less expensive to use our inventory, but we may suggest rentals from one of our partner rental companies, depending on a project's size and specific needs. 

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