Let me tell you how I work

Initially there is the consultation: 

If the property is occupied the investment is $250 for an average sized home. 
This includes a 2-3 hour, room by room, curb appeal through the back yard, what needs to be done. 

The seller can take notes or I can do an outline which will be e-mailed to them. With this option the sellers should be able to do the work themselves. If they would like me to do the work the fee will depend on what needs to be accomplished and if they need any rental items. 

If the property is vacant, I prepare a Bid:
This is a pricing for the rooms that need to be staged.

All together there are three different investments for a home staging project


2.Delivery and Pick up

3.Furniture Rental

Each job is different depending on what needs to be accomplished.
Delivery and pick up can range from $250-$350 depending on the distance traveled. 

What the Process Involves:

Pricing the rental items and assessing the time it will take to arrange and complete the project:

Taking stock of my pesonal inventory to see if it is suitable for the client's house. Not all the items in my inventory may be suitable. It is less expensive to use my inventory but, I may need to go to a rental company. 

Rental companies generally charge a minimum of 3 months up front. If they do a 2 months rental, the rental charge per item is higher. They charge an insurance waiver and tax, monthly. Even when using a rental company, I use my own accessories and bedding.

When I come to Stage a property, it needs to be clean and ready for staging. If it is not ready there may be an extra charge. 

Stage To Sell By Mary
Contact Information:
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