Find out how Mary O’Grady, Interior Designer ASP, can help you eliminate the stress and costliness of color selection. 
With a personal, in-home consultation, Mary will help your clients discover the colors that work best for them. This saves you time and money, and eliminates costly mistakes. No more hassles, no dissatisfied customers! Your customers will thank you.
Color consultations: $150
So, the next time a client asks you to help with color selection, tell them you work with a professional color consultant. It will not only make your client's home look good, you will look good, too! 
I met with Ron Imposimato from Fresh Coat Painting to discuss painting some rooms in my house.  I asked Ron for help with the color choices.  He told me that he did not get involved with color selection, but worked with a wonderful color consultant. 
Ron introduced me to Mary O'Grady who then came and spent two hours reviewing color choices for every room in my home. She explained why some colors worked better than others for my décor, wood finishing and amount of sunlight in each room. Her explanations helped me avoid a few costly mistakes.
I am happy to recommend Mary to help with your home. She is very professional and detail oriented in choosing just the right colors to bring life and ambiance to a home.
Contact Information:
Phone: 617 407-3961

Do you lose time and money with clients who ask your help with color selection, only to change their mind at your expense?
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