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Seniors who are downsizing often have unique needs and concerns. Stage to Sell by Mary specializes in helping people 50+ make these important life changes.


Stage to Sell can help you make the most of your space. Do you have a room that is a challenge to design? Have Mary help.


Mary provided some helpful and very welcoming Feng Shui ideas for our front entryway and living room. She quickly observed how, by making just a few subtle changes, the energy and flow to our home was greatly enhanced.
Mary truly thinks outside the box…literally, in our case, since we have a long living room that has challenged us from day one. She has an intuitive sense and just seems to know how things should be arranged. We now have an entry and living area that beckons one to enter and feel welcome! Thanks Mary,"  Bill Kellar and Peggy Bliss

Furniture Rental:
Stage to Sell by Mary uses many resources for furniture rental

Do you need to give your tired dining room chairs a face lift or bring new life to old furniture? Mary can help.

What can you expect from your ASP

They will:
• Create broader appeal • Clean, De-clutter, Rearrange • Neutralize • Show the space in your home to its full advantage 

Contact Information:
Phone: 617 407-3961
Stage To Sell By Mary