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Summer Issue of Boston Seniority

Are you planning to move to a smaller place?  Stage to Sell by Mary can help. 

Staged to Sell understands your home contains cherished memories. And these memories are important to your comfort and well-being. That is why we work closely with you to choose your very favorite furnishings, cherished items and mementos.  We help you transfer the atmosphere you have created over time in your home, to your new environment.  By selecting things that mean the world to you, and are best suited for your new home, you take beloved memories and feelings with you.   After the move, when you sit down in your favorite chair, you will feel suddenly at home.

Seniors Moving & Downsizing Services

With care, kindness and thoughtfulness, Stage To Sell by Mary provides the following services to help seniors in the transition from the family home to a retirement or assisted living residence: 

Downsizing: Help you select from your favorite furniture              and cherished items to find the ones that will be best                    suited for your new home

Design: We can develop a floor plan for your new home              based on your belongings, needs and wishes

Distribution: We can arrange for the sale, donation,                     recycling, or disposal of unwanted items 

Moving: We can arrange and oversee all aspects of move          including packing and unpacking 

Set-up: We can set up your new home including picture                and mirror hanging 

Consulting: We can provide a Color Consultation to help            you choose the best paint colors for your new home

Shopping: We can assist you in purchasing items for your           new home including furniture, accessories, bedding, etc.              that best fits your new home

Storage: We can arrange for offsite storage of belongings           if needed

Organization: We can help you organize and store your               belongings in your new home

Property Sale: We can help you find a reputable Real                 Estate Agent to assist you in the sale of your home

Home Staging: We can showcase your home to make               the most of the space you have and make it ready for its              first open house

Repair: If your home needs repair to its condition before              the sale, we can recommend local trade people to help

Fees are designed to your specific needs.

Staging doesn't cost. It pays!  90% of the homes staged by Staged to Sell get offers at the first Open House.


“Thanks so much, Mary for the great work on my mother’s house getting it ready for sale.  It was really helpful to have an independent party take look at the house with a clear eye and tell us what needed to be done to get it ready for sale.  The ideas were wonderful. 

And the service delivery was exceptional.  You were always available, anytime, including New Year’s Day.  I am still amazed at your ability to get other professionals involved on a moment’s notice; a plumber and a carpenter to deal with a surprise water problem, a painter to take care of odds and ends, and someone even to plow the driveway. 

I never imagined what I was getting myself into when I took on the responsibility of selling my mother’s house.  I did not know where to begin. I was very fortunate to find you.”

David  Elsbree


Contact Information:
Phone: 617 407-3961

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